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Taemin please…..

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140612 A fan asked Kai’s noona why she opened a cafe instead of a chicken store, and she answered, “Because Kai will eat it all”.

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August 28
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82|100 photos of Kibum
August 28
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Anonymous asked: hello! curious anon here, and i was just wondering, do you have any facial routines that you do? (and don't mind sharing, ofc)

hello hello curious anon! ^_^ as a matter of fact, i do have a face routine~

my routine is quite simple, tbh. lol i just wash my face once in the morning with water & then i gently pat my dry with my hands (no towels!). and before i go to bed i wash my face with a dove white bar soap. my finishing touch for the night is to apply pure tea tree oil all over my face. anyways, that’s it haha. this routine is simple (because i’m lazy) and my face is usually clear~ but then again i’m not really prone to acne. :3

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there's two sides to every person.

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