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September 12
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Anonymous asked: who is that lady in ur avatar!!!!! so cute ^_^

its an ulzzang l0l

but i forgot whoooo otl

September 08
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Anonymous asked: do you like Nana form AS ?

Yesss c: she’s my bias~

August 27
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Anonymous asked: ayyyy I go to uci too! and I was in pharmsci too but I'm in the process of switching out lmfao T_T I wish you all the luck to get through it better than I did~~

ayyy girl i feel ya. pharmsci is tough, but i’m gonna try to stay until i get kicked out LOL & thank you~

August 26
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Anonymous asked: How is uc irvine? What major are you taking ?:)

uc irvine is great! ^^ it’s such a nice place and i’ve met the best people :) i’m currently doing pharmaceutical sciences as my major ((and i’m basically dying, tbh))

August 23
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Anonymous asked: from what show was that when soyou was attempting to prank call key? thank you :)

Oven Radio ep. 5

August 22
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Anonymous asked: do you ever think about marrying a kpop idol??? because i do.

i love kpop idols but i’m not in love with them. ja feel???

August 21
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Anonymous asked: can you recommend some of your favorite kpop songs by girl groups?? ^-^
wait a minute - snsd
galaxy supernova (jap) - snsd
baby maybe - snsd
massage - hyorin
i choose to love you - sistar
naughty hands - sistar
lead me - sistar
shady girl - sistar
if u want - sistar
bad boy - sistar
a week - sistar
a girl in love - sistar19
what do you know - ns yoon g
if you love me - ns yoon g
oh, great! -  girl’s day
don’t forget me - girl’s day
something - girl’s day
expectation - girl’s day
soulmate - aoa
mr. chu - apink
lovely day - apink
nice body - hyomin ((i like this song ok don’t judge))
only gained weight - 4minute
is it poppin’ - 4minute
first love - after school
because of you - after school
diva - after school
+ [[[and basically every 2ne1 song because i love each and every 2ne1 song]]]
August 21
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Anonymous asked: i nominate you for the als ice bucket challenge

i will only take nominations from kim jongin bye

August 14
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Anonymous asked: Opinion on WINNER

I love WINNER. Period. Team A was actually the team I was rooting for. I know everyone loved Team B and all, but my heart was set on Team A. As for the songs I actually really like them. I don’t understand any of the hate they’re getting. Like just because they’re from YG doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be OP and godly. You have to achieve that, just like how Big Bang did. Everyone’s expectations for new groups these days are skyrocketing and y’all are forgetting that they’re still ROOKIES.

August 02
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Anonymous asked: what do you think of red velvet sm entertainment's new group

i’m not really sm biased so i can’t really say that i actually like them…but it’s unfortunate how they’re receiving so much hate for no reason whatsoever.

July 30
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Anonymous asked: Yeah, living near palm springs is a bit lackluster. ;( nor cal is pretty cool too though! I visited Davis up there once

Palm springs isnt that bad! Haha Davis is a pretty nice place too. Except there’s too many cows. LOL

July 29
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Anonymous asked: so cool you go to UCI ~ :3 i go to another UC, UC students unite! :P

yasss hello fellow UC family member~

July 29
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Anonymous asked: Yeah, Irvine was so cool! I think I want to live there when I graduate in a few years. Lol so close to the beach and it has awesome places to hang out. X_X

Yea Irvine is pretty awesome. :) You’re pretty close to a few shopping plazas, good food, and even Disneyland. ^o^ But it sucks if you don’t have a car, haha. ((me))

July 29
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Anonymous asked: You live in Socal AND Norcal wow best of both worlds much?

YEP! Yummy food everywhere <3

July 29
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Anonymous asked: Oh, I was actually at UCI yesterday. I was picking up a friend of a friend from the dorms there and then we hung out at the mall just down the street. :o

Ooh I see, haha. I’m actually not there right now cause its summer break but I miss being in Irvine so much. T.T

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