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March 11
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Anonymous asked: Is it wrong to tag reblogged photos? I know some people get mad when you do but I just like to do it to keep my tumblr organized...D:

It’s not wrong at all! If anything, more people prefer it when a blog has all of their posts tagged and organized.

March 11
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Anonymous asked: how do you get more followers on tumblr?
  1. Make your blog visually attractive
  2. Talk to people and try to get yourself more known
  3. Make edits/gifs
  4. Tag all of your original posts
  5. Be friendly :)
March 08
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Anonymous asked: I was looking through all those comments and I have a feeling most of the haters weren't even muslim. Or if they were muslim they weren't actually religious, but rather antis who want to attack her for anything she does.

I totally agree with you. People are just looking for a reason to attack her and they’ll use just about any reason to bring her down.

March 08
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Anonymous asked: im a muslim,and there isnt really any verse of Quran in that song, they only use like the melodic(???) part. personally i like the song and i dont really mind if no actual reading of the quran is being used but a lot of muslims are offended and i think maybe they should atleast apologize or maybe cut out the part or change it if she was going to perform that song in the future

Let’s pray that YG issues some kind of official apology or statement explaining everything. I hope this whole issue blows over soon. *-*

March 08
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Anonymous asked: you think all muslims speak the same language? lol

No. I know that the religion is worldwide, I’m not that dumb.

March 08
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Anonymous asked: opinion on all the hate cl is getting?

I’m not muslim so I wasn’t really offended, tbh. Personally I think everything just got blown out of proportion. I don’t think it was intentional and it might just be a big coincidence. Like I said, I’m not muslim and I can’t understand their language so I really don’t know what to say. I’m not in a position to really judge if it really was a verse from the Quran or not.

But I will continue to support 2ne1 and CL because I believe it wasn’t intentional and she wouldn’t do something to publicly offend an entire religion.

March 07
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Anonymous asked: your latest edit of cl is gorgeous! may i ask how you changed the eye colour to purple?

Thank you! :)

I just colored it using an invisible layer.

In photoshop you choose an image and go to:

Layer > New Layer

Then you change the layer type on the far right by using the drop down bar

Normal > Color

Then you just choose a color and use a paintbrush to color the eye! This method works for coloring black and white photos too. :) My tutorial for that can be found here!

February 23
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Anonymous asked: oh gosh;;; i'm pretty much at 2k only do you think they'd still sponsor me?

it honestly depends on the shop :)

some do sponsors at 1k, some require more.

February 22
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Anonymous asked: what did you say in your email to them? ;; and how many followers did you have back then? sorry for all the questions! ><

I just told them I was interested in their clothing and yeah :)

I had 37k followers back then!

February 22
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Anonymous asked: 예뻐 예뻐 :3

no yeppeo :D

February 22
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Anonymous asked: What do u say to get sponsored? And is there any requirements? What shop?

You just ask them if you want to get sponsored!

Like “Hello my name is…I am interested in your shop….I was wondering if you’re doing any sponsorships…etc”

February 22
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Anonymous asked: how did you get to get sponsored by shoplately? were you a fashion blogger before?

i just emailed them and they accepted me! i’ve stopped doing reviews though >< no time in my life anymore..:/

& no, i’ve always been a kpop blog, haha.

February 22
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Anonymous asked: You're really pretty :)

omg you’re so sweet but sobs i’m really not *o*

Anonymous asked: Hi ^^ I really like your blog, but could you please tag the pictures with the people names? Thanks^^

Thank you! ^^ & I don’t tag people in reblogged posts for a reason…I only tag people for my edits. Sorry if it bothers you :x

January 27
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Anonymous asked: Do you wanna build a snowman? *whispers* It doesn't have to be a snowman.

Go away Ana!

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