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July 01
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Anonymous asked: Hihi! I was wondering who's your kpop female bias? Love your blog (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

CL <3

Anonymous asked: hai senpai im knew 2 tuemblr but u blog so petty ^^ i got tha request 4 u can pleaese post hunhan pornn??? thenks (p.s. if you do not comply to this message, your fish will die in 3, 2, 1-)

go awei, xin

June 08
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kris-wu asked: when will u love me ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

never |◔◡◉|

June 04
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Anonymous asked: what other exo albums/photocards do you have?

All of my albums are the EXO-K version~

June 04
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Anonymous asked: what camera do you use?

a nikon d3100!

May 30
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Anonymous asked: I'm back~~~~ sorry for not stopping by in while. i just realized that i only have 7 more days of school left and ugh finals!!! how have you been holding up? hope you've been dandy and stuff. -awkward anon

hi anon~ sorry this took me awhile to respond LOL i have 6 days of schools left!! and then finals too ugh :[ i’ve been kinda stressed but then at the same time i’ve been super lazy and unproductive lol whoops…oh well :)

May 29
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Anonymous asked: What video is it from southkoreans(.)tumblr(.)com/post/87146213945/when-nana-meets-2ne1 ? ^^

Roommate ep. p4! You can watch it fully subbed here~

May 27
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Anonymous asked: omg, you're cl biased?

May 27
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Anonymous asked: what is this new size limit on gifs on tumblr?

i’m not sure if tumblr changed 2MB the limit for 245/160 px gifs but for 500 px gifs they extended the limit from 1MB to 2MB ^^

May 19
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Anonymous asked: thoughts on exo and kris?

no comment

May 19
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Anonymous asked: if anything i should be thanking you for just being an awesome blog/person. you're amazing and yehp. i hope to stick around and come often. how's life? how have you been? -awkward anon

d’aww anon you’re too kind :o

i’ve been pretty busy with school these days but it’s not too bad. college is kicking my butt i guess haha. once finals roll around i’ll probably be a zombie for 2 weeks LOL

May 18
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Anonymous asked: just wanted to say all your posts are flawless and i'm super glad i follow you. i really hope to one day have the courage to talk to you but for now just know that i really admire your blog -awkward anon

omg anon you’re the sweetest thing ever ;u;

thank you so much for following me <3 i hope i don’t ever disappoint you~ i just want you to know that you can always come talk to me whenever you feel like it! ^~^

May 13
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Anonymous asked: omg you're doing fashion edits again~ yay ^^

mhm~ i hope you like them ^ w ^

May 05
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Anonymous asked: Favourite film ?

A Cinderella Story ≧◡≦

April 28
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Anonymous asked: How much do you love cl?


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